Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Temple Pictures

Oquirrh Mountain Temple
Twin Falls Temple in Sepia
Twin Falls Temple in Black & White
Boise Temple
Salt Lake Temple
Logan Temple
The two Twin Falls Temple pictures are 8"x10". The cost for this size is $15.00. The other temple pictures are 11" x 17". The cost for that size is $25.00. If you would like a specific temple, email me a high resolution (300 ppi) non copy-righted picture.

1 comment:

Kierstead Family said...

Hey Lisa! This is Stefanie, I met you last night at the little craft boutique. I would like to order this SL temple picture. The one I saw last night was $20 and the one posted is $25, is this one on the blog bigger? Please email me... stefjo81atyahoodotcom...

I'm super excited about this... Plus I wanted to ask you some question about those letter hanger thingies. :) Your stuff is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your talent with me. :)


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