Monday, November 2, 2015

Full Nativity Set Kits!

We are excited to announce that we now sell a full nativity set kit in our store!  You can find it HERE.  Each set is $7.00 with free shipping!  Order 10 or more sets and the price per set is only $6.00 with free shipping!  Each set includes 3 wooden blocks, 3 wooden knobs for "heads", and 1 wooden star.  

Pictured is an example of a finished set.  I completed this set by
1st spray painting each block (front and back of the large blocks, front only of the small block) and spray painting the star (I used metallic gold spray paint)
2nd use wood glue to attach the 2 large blocks side by side and the small block in front.
3rd use wood glue to attach "heads"
4th thread thin wire through the 2 holes in the star.  I curled the wire a bit before using a staple gun to staple it to the back of the largest block. 
5th download tags and print HERE
6th attach tag with a piece of jute

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